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Benedetta Dini Art

I am a Professor in Earth Sciences at the University of Birmingham where I study dramatic aspects of nature, in the form of landslides. I do many creative things in my spare time, whenever possible. In particular, I love painting and it is the number one activity that puts me in that happy zone. I have started many years ago by decorating small bits around my parents’ house, but this passion grew and before I realised it, I started painting on canvas, or on upcycled wooden supports that I create. I restore old furniture with potential and decorate it, I even build sometimes my own bits of furniture, largely with pallet wood. I enjoy very much painting on walls, taking advantage of small intern design features to give a room a whole new feel. I have even built kitchen cabinets doors for an entire kitchen and painted it with garden birds allover! I paint colourful natural subjects, largely birds and flowers, and landscapes. Often landscapes with birds and flowers in the foreground! I enjoy painting from photos, translating into brushstrokes the beauty someone captured with their camera. I try to make my subjects as realistic as possible, but always with bright, joyful colours. I like to do my own pieces, but I also enjoy to take inspiration from someone else’s wishes, so I love to do projects on commission or to see something beautiful takeing shape from a collaborative thought process.

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