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I AM FEM was born from what started out as a hobby dabbling in leathercraft, through attending several workshops across the Midlands, into a small business. Emma creates small leather goods with a focus of adding leather accessories into areas other than your wardrobe; merging practicality with style.

I AM FEM’s first product is the self-titled 'FEM THIRSTY' cupholder; a reusable leather cup sleeve with detachable chain, to make carrying hot or cold drinks much more convenient and to give you the use of your hands back!

Based in Birmingham, all leather goods are hand crafted, including cutting, sewing and finishing. Constantly learning and delving further into the world of leathercraft, Emma has built up a great small community through the I AM FEM Instagram profile, bringing together like-minded people. With instant access and feedback from followers and customers, the intimate nature of running a small business has helped guide the direction of current and new product direction, with much more excitement to come in the near future!

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