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Vicky Yorke Designs

Vicky Yorke is a surface pattern designer and illustrator working from her home studio in semi-rural Worcestershire, UK. She creates bright and playful designs that bring fun and warmth to everyday living.

Vicky uses illustration and typography combined with striking colour palettes to create work that is decorative, bright and inviting. She is often inspired by the beautiful countryside that surrounds her home with collections including vibrant florals and woodland animals, as well as patterns influenced by her travels around the UK and beyond. Every design is hand sketched or painted in her loose and fanciful style before being digitally coloured to create designs that are full of ‘grown-up whimsy’. She deliberately leaves in ‘wonky’ lines and broken textures to add character and authenticity to her work. Vicky loves to mix and match and her portfolio is full of complimentary patterns that can be used on their own, or combined across a range of products to create a fresh and eclectic look.

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