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Anya Parker James

Consumers are continuously becoming more conscious of the environment, and in-turn attempting to be more sustainable when it comes to buying fashion. The slogan that seems to circulate with this topic is “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”, here at Anya Parker James we do all 3 of these things.

I am Anya Parker James and I have just launched my self named fashion brand, based in Staffordshire, England. Our brand is all about layering up, making every piece you buy ‘seasonally sustainable’. Ultimately, we want to minimise the need to buy according to the weather, and encourage to buy staple pieces that work all year round.

As a young designer, I come from a generation of throw away fashion. Teenagers and young adults are constantly fuelling the fast fashion industry, buying numerous options for one night out, to never wear any of them again. We want to encourage our customers to look at garments in a different way, and to understand that just by layering up, you can create numerous different looks, for numerous different occasions.

We have certain pieces in our collection that are limited edition, using fabrics that have been rescued from peoples neglected projects, or sat in storage for years. Our products are made in house by myself, with the exception of the t-shirts which are manufactured in Derby.

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