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Clare Wainwright Glass Art

I’m Clare Wainwright and have been working with glass for over 20 years beginning at an Adult Education class learning the Tiffany method ( copper foiled) of stained glass work consisting of 4 stages, cutting, grinding, copper taping and soldering.
After spending many years using this technique in my home studio and making panels of all shapes and sizes I went on various courses to learn the art of glass fusing and now also design and make Christmas decorations, a range of dichroic glass jewellery and small fused glass pieces to add as inclusions in larger stained glass panels.
I have also attended various courses in etching, painting on glass, transferring images onto glass and most recently screen printing with enamel.
My work in small to medium sized decorative pieces holds a contemporary feel through the use of these techniques and also by adding inclusions such as shells, glass nuggets and other found items.
I also work as a  tutor holding a variety of workshops at various locations and having regular stalls at Moseley Arts Market ,  mac Birmingham and other local venues.

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