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Curious Inky Me

I am Fine artist, combining over 20 years of experience across a range of printmaking disciplines such as intaglio and screen print I now create unique and beautiful figurative linocuts. Linocut allows me to layer colour, and embracing the limitations of the media allow me to fully explore line work in an exciting way.

Emotive portraits are blended with art nouveau-inspired natural elements and art Deco patterns, layering artwork I infuse them with colours that represent growth and healing. My art work flows with the seasons and urges us to reconnect and learn from nature rather than fight against it, its a reminder to be present.

Intricately carved and handprinted these limited edition prints are created with rich oil-based colour that works in harmony with thin Japanese paper, the prints are fragile yet strong; and surprisingly tactile. I leave evidence of the process of the artwork's creation, marks of carved lino create life and energy.

The process of printmaking has remained a constant source of fascination for me. I relish the patience required and the labour involved in preparing the stencils and plates. I am excited by the element of unpredictability inherently attached to the process. Until the first pull of the print, you are never quite sure what will be revealed.

Deeply interested in being present and living with curiosity, I make art that celebrates our humanity while reminding us to reconnect with nature and go with the flow.

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