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Elaine Farmer Mosaics

I love combining the tactile qualities of materials and experimenting with colour and am keen to explore the relationship between found materials and nature in my work. In recent work I have used handmade clay leaf tiles and incorporated natural twigs and sticks in a series of stylised tree mosaics. During the covid isolation period I began to make more commercialised products and these mosaic kits sell well on Etsy and in stockists around the Midlands.
I enjoy working to commissions for private clients and working to a brief. I am aiming to create some larger murals this year and involve the local community. Most of my work revolves around nature and abstraction of pattern and colour. I can be inspired by the particular colour of the tile I have just found or I may be inspired by the music I am listening to and just go 'with the flow'. I use a wide range of materials and media including found materials such as shells, stones, beads, glass, glass nuggets, ceramic tiles and my own handmade tiles. I plan a design or create as I go using the direct method, gluing each piece onto a substate and then grouting.
I have been exhibiting for the last four years with The Sutton Coldfield Artist Society and have taken part in the last four Sutton Coldfield Art Trails.
I have worked with two Birmingham schools to create permanent murals celebrating their values and ethos.
Recent personal work has mainly been focussed on commissions for private clients ranging from exterior murals to interior mosaic art panels. My favourite commisson was one in which I included the clients personal and precious memorial items.

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