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Florence Knitts

FlorenceKnitts is a crochet shop that specialises in selling earrings and accessories.

I started the shop because during the pandemic I got diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome and struggled to do anything I could normally do, but I could still crochet small things. I started to make small items that just made me smile and then had the idea to turn them into earrings, FlorenceKnitts was born.

My aim is to make people smile and bring joy with my crocheted accessories, bringing fun and beautiful designs to life using high quality materials to create high quality earrings and accessories.

This shop is my journey to wellness, as I find ways to make my life more manageable and pour more energy into things I love, FlorenceKnitts grows. I now make hats as well as earrings and I'm working on new designs to sell and grow my shop.

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