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Handmade By Joe

I'm self taught, based in Birmingham, with a passion for everything rustic, reclaimed and upcycled. I enjoy spending time in the great outdoors, surrounded by nature and all it brings, birds, woodlands, mountains and lakes.

We brought our first house some years ago, living in south Birmigham we are lucky to have the countryside on our doorstep. When we started to decorate we wanted to bring our passion for nature inside. We took inspiration from the natural lumps and bumps in the house, and woodland outside. I made lots of bespoke pieces for the house, which visitors always commented. It was great being able to show and share what I had made.

Earlier this year I was given some spare time through redundancy and I thought now was the time, to share this passion with others and make rustic style pieces for all to enjoy. I spend time hand cutting, joining, waxing and finished each design.

They are all different in there own way, the wood has its own notches and grain that I work with. I really enjoy making these to share with you and for them to become a lovely addition to you home.

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