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My name is Kate and I'm an artist working with acrylics. I have been creating and selling my own artwork professionally since 2015 through local exhibitions and fayres and my business now mainly operates through my website

I work from my own inspiration and I also take custom orders where I work with the client to create pieces of art in my own style but tailored to their specifications. I really enjoy this element as I end up creating works using colour schemes and patterns I may not have considered before, and my client’s enjoy having a hand in the process themselves to create something truly unique for them.

There is a definite theme running through my art and I have created a diverse portfolio of work in various mediums including clay, wood, paper, and fabric, ranging from tiny clay gnomes measuring 10cm, to large galactic paintings on canvas measuring 48x36 inches. One of my favourite items that I specialise in are crystal grids for those working with the different properties of crystals. These grids combine my love of sacred geometry and galactic vistas, and can be used for both display and crystal work.

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