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HeARTening Creations

I am an embroidery artist which started out as a mindful hobby to help overcome a period of illness and developed into a business. My background is predominantly in teaching but I completed a BA (Hons) in Illustration at Derby University. I have lived in Derby for the majority of my life. I started my work using positive mental health messages and highly floral designs from still life. The business has progressed into more commercially attractive designs but I still make time for more individualised pieces. Embroidery saw a reboot during covid and I am finding the younger generation particularly attracted to it due to it being a forgotten art form as it is no longer taught in schools.

Since starting selling my embroideries, I have rapidly expanded my range. Now I have a range of embroideries and embroidery kits on offer. These include pet portraits (by breed), children’s room décor, cushions, a swear range, bags and my newest ranges are felt, button and embroidered brooches and regional and local map hoops. I am in the process of developing the map range into hoops and kits as well as a Christmas specific range.

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