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Jamie Baldrick

I am knitter and maker, originally from Northern Ireland, now settled in Warwickshire. I create playful and sustainable knitwear made with factory waste that would otherwise be destined for landfill. Quality of yarn and sustainable materials are important in my work.
I don’t think our clothes should harm the planet. I’m always searching for fun clothing that meets my sustainability standards but struggle to find what I envision so I started making the clothes for myself and thus, my business was born! Knitting is my obsession. I love to take detailed and historical techniques and bring them into a contemporary context. I release small batches of knitted accessories every few months, depending on the material I’ve sourced.
It is my aim to release a capsule apparel collection each summer and winter. My work is slow and considered and is aimed towards individuals who are happy to stand out but care about the impact their choices have on our world.

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