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Lottie Designs

I am an Art and Design graduate that has always had a dream of running an online shop. The idea has always appealed so greatly to me. I look forward to being in control of every aspect of the shop and making for myself.

Having been in education for so many years working towards an artistic brief is all I have ever known. A three year degree has also meant no time for free spirited creativity. Now that that I am a graduate I look forward to having the freedom to create whatever my mind wants. I look forward to exploring DIY craft techniques and making mistakes that result in wonderful designs.

Designing fabric patterns is something I have been into for so long but have never had the time to progress. I hope Etsy will give me the chance to grow. Every sale to me means someone has just taken a liking to my work. And that alone gives me the ambition to keep going and growing as a person and as a shop.

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