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Rachel Haigh Textiles

Hi my name's Rachel and i love to sew. I have had a passion for sewing for as long as i can remember. Over the years I have always made rather than bought gifts for family and friends special occasions, birthdays, christenings, weddings and anniversaries.

I am close to reaching half a century which is a a wake up call to do more of what I love. So i thought it was about time that i started selling my makes to the public. I enjoy shopping for new materials but i also feel strongly about the impact of textile waste on the environment. My makes are therefore a mixture of new fabric but also utilising scraps of fabric, old clothing, curtains and vintage haberdashery.

I make a variety of items like small keyrings, bookmarks, hanging decorations and bag charms from scraps of fabric backed with felt. Also larger items like bunting, bottle bags, small zip pouches and cushions. Recently I have been concentrating on making pennant banners with different pictures and themes including quotes.

My creations are a mixture of my own designed appliqué alongside machine embroidery stock designs that i turn into a banner or decoration. My ideas are often born out of scraps of materials thinking of how i can utilise a particular scrap piece of fabric or colour rather than it ending up in landfill.

I hope people like my creations and they add a bit of joy into their lives. I am creative but very new to the business side of selling my craft which is very daunting. I do not have an online presence at the moment. My sewing is part time alongside my normal job working in an office. I hope to set up an Instagram page in the near future and eventually if people like my work I would like to set up on an online arts platform as well as selling at local markets.

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