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The Hobo Tree

I have been making things out of green (freshly cut) wood since 2011, when I became an apprentice to a greenwood chair-maker in Herefordshire, & lived and worked off-grid in the woods for three years. I moved back to the Midlands in 2014, where I now work as a maker & teacher - creating roundwood buildings, furniture, & bowls & spoons.
Working & connecting with the environments & communities that support & sustain us is important to me. I spend my winters managing small woodlands - thinning, coppicing & planting, & giving back to the land that supports me. I aim to know where every bit of wood I use comes from. I mainly use simple hand tools - axes, knives, & a foot-powered lathe - to create all of my craftwork.
I feel very grateful to have found peace in the woods & in the work that I do, & I hope that peace lives on in the things I make as they make their way to you!

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