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We Made This Studio

Hello! We are Ellie, Helen and Jess the founders and designers of We Made This Studio. We are a London based print studio specialising in handmade and environmentally conscious accessories. We Made This Studio started in 2018 whilst we were living together in our university house share in Brighton. Along side producing our final textiles collections we also screen printed greetings cards which we sold at craft fairs around the UK. Once we had graduated we decided to branch out into making headbands, scrunchies and eye masks (which we all love to wear!). When we started our company we all understood how important it was to us to create products which would inspire a more conscious mindset, so our accessories are predominantly made from up cycled or environmentally conscious materials.

As our company grows we are constantly thinking of new products to add to our shop. Recently, we released our new card collection which we are so excited about! We are also hoping to (…at some point!) get back to our roots and start screen printing again. At the moment, we are making plans to create a fully functioning print room where we will be able to hand print our fabric and cards.

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