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Makers Festive Fortnight 2020

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

Catch up with the Makers who took part in our unique Makers Festive Fortnight last winter. There are lots of Meet the Maker chats to watch!

- Our Makers -

- Meet the Maker Chats -

Catch up with our makers discussing their work and techniques!

Featuring: PW Print Studio, CraftyBun Studio, The Curator Educator, Squiggly Sue, Isabelle Homer Embroidery, Wyrdwood Studio, Lilac Dawn Makes, Amy Lou Creates, We Made This Studio & Buttercup Jewellery

PW Print Studio

CraftyBun Studio

The Curator Educator

Squiggly Sue

Isabelle Homer Embroidery

Wyrdwood Studio

Lilac Dawn Makes

Amy Lou Creates

We Made This Studio

Buttercup Jewellery

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